Sydney Escorts vs. Sydney Brothel: What is Searched for Most on Google?

Sydney Escorts vs. Sydney Brothel: What is Searched for Most on Google?


Sydney Brothel searches by itself 

  • When examining Sydney Brothel searches on their own, it's evident that the majority of searches originate from New South Wales (NSW). This trend has remained consistent over the past five years.


  • From these findings, we can conclude that targeting brothels in NSW should primarily revolve around using keywords or phrases that pertain to New South Wales or Sydney itself. While there is some smaller traffic from Queensland (QLD) and Victoria, it is insufficient to justify advertising or targeting other states for Sydney brothels.



Sydney Brothel searches by itself :

Similarly, when analysing Sydney Escorts searches independently, most of the traffic comes from NSW. There appears to be sufficient secondary traffic from the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and the Northern Territory (NT) for those searching for Sydney Escorts, and this pattern has remained consistent over a 12-month period.


Now, let's compare Sydney Brothel and Sydney Escort searches.



From the graphic above, it becomes evident that significantly more people are searching for Sydney Escorts rather than Sydney Brothels. This is why Sydney brothels often include references to Sydney Escorts on their websites. An interesting discovery from the comparison using Google Trends is the substantial search volume from the ACT for Sydney Escorts. This presents an opportunity to market to individuals from the ACT seeking Sydney Escorts.


If we look back from 2004 to now and compare searches between the two terms 


These results suggest a potential shift away from brothels. When comparing searches between the two terms from 2004 to the present, it's apparent that Sydney Escorts have consistently outperformed Sydney Brothels in terms of search volume. Furthermore, there has been a decline in searches for Sydney Escorts since approximately December 2020.


In upcoming articles, we will delve into the challenges of ranking on Google for either of these terms and explore whether Sydney Escorts should consider targeting or using the term "Sydney Brothel" in their advertising and search engine optimization efforts.