Rushcutters Bay Adult Services and Erotic Massage and Rushcutters Bay Escorts Rushcutters Bay is an eastern suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is located about 2 kilometers east of the Sydney Central Business District (CBD) and is situated on the southern shore of Rushcutters Bay, an inlet on Sydney Harbour. Key features and points of interest in Rushcutters Bay include: Rushcutters Bay Park: This large, waterfront park is a popular recreational area featuring walking paths, sports facilities, and picnic areas. It offers picturesque views of the harbor and is a great spot for outdoor activities. Marina and Yachting: Rushcutters Bay is known for its marina, making it a hub for yachting and sailing activities. The bay often hosts sailing events, and the marina is home to various boats and yachts. Residential Area: The suburb includes residential areas with a mix of housing types, including apartments and some houses. The proximity to the harbor and the park adds to the appeal of living in Rushcutters Bay. Restaurants and Cafes: The area has a selection of restaurants, cafes, and eateries, particularly around the bay and neighboring streets.

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